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VIDEO: Releasing the Genius in Pakistan 

Pakistan wants to bring itself up to a global education standard that will be a model to other countries, watch the Spirit of Math conference that set the stage!

I’m Nathan Langen. I’m the director of business development and
I’ll be giving an overview of spirit of math.
This is what we currently have right now to date.
How we got here and what we want to do
in the future next would be Mian Imran Masood
He will be talking about the current education landscape of
Pakistan following will be the CEO Co founder of spirit
of math.
Kimberly Langen, she’ll be talking about the global future of
what we see in releasing the genius around the world.
And then followed by the education minister of Punjab,
Pakistan Doctor Murad Raas, he will be talking about the
future of education in Punjab.
So spirit of math, we are the largest system of
after school schools for high performing students in mathematics.
You can see here on the map.
That we have 39 locations in Pakistan in Canada,
one in the United States,
and 4 in Pakistan. You can see also our distance
that we’ve traveled all across Canada.
This is from Ottawa to Vancouver.
This is 4800 kilometres. Remember this piece because I’ll mention
that later on in my presentation.
We have also been on Canada’s fastest 500 growing companies
for the last 5 years.
Now, when I said, We are a system of after
school schools for high performing students.
This means that we are not a tuition centre.
We operate exactly like a day school would during the
we start at the beginning of the school year and
run all the way to the end.
There are tests assignments and a year end exam.
We also. I have written and created our own proprietary
curriculum and teacher training program this is to ensure that
the quality has maintained.
over its 30 years of history.
Now I mentioned again that that because we’ve been on
a scale of 4800 kilometres an.
As a reference point this is for this is similar
to driving 4 times from Lahore to Karachi.
We’ve had to make sure that our quality has not.
shifted at all once. We do monitor this through our
tests and assignments and you’re an exam.
Another one is our contest that we do for grades
one to four and it’s because it is marked.
at our head office and this is to see and
make sure that the teachers are delivering everything through from
the beginning of the year to the end of the
and that the core concepts for the high performing students.
are being delivered and they’re actually maintaining it in able
to process?
Now, how did we get here?
Well, there was three Co founders my mother,
Kim Langan, who is currently the CEO of spirit of
And then Mister Charles Ledger,
who is my grand father,
he started in the 1980s teaching a gifted program.
In Grade 789 and over 13 years,
they came 1st place in Canada,
12 times for the entire team.
This meant every single student in his class,
scored perfect for 12 to 13 years and So what
are they doing that’s right?
There was a little bits of friction between him and
at the time the politicians because they said.
Well, we want to. Go in this direction and he
Well, you know, Charles letter said,
You know what? What I’m doing.
Works there was some friction and he said.
You know what I’m going to step back and I’m
going to do something on my own.
And this was a 1993 he teamed up with Kim
Langen his daughter and his wife
Gwen Ledger and they started in the basement of my
so I remember being 3 years old walking downstairs and
seeing 35 students.
In September and by June,
seeing 80 students, all coming in.
And just witnessing this amazing thing and what I learned
about 10 years later that it wasn’t the parents that
were forcing these kids to go.
It was actually the students that came to Charles Ledger,
and said, We moved here.
This neighborhood, so that you could teach us.
So can you please do something for us and that
is actually what has been the majority of our success.
Now there’s just there, we go.
Is that everything has been spurred through demand rather than
providing the classes first into trying to get students.
It’s always been the parents or students,
saying can you please do something?
And so you’ll see here K12.
This is our spirit of math classes.
This is what we currently have 4 classes in Pakistan.
In Lahore, doing and then what has spurred after that
is that people said.
Can you please continue to create some sort of books?
And that’s when our publications came in what are you
doing with your drills?
How come everyone knows their numeracy so well.
Started introducing our drill books throughout and then one.
The adult education this is.
Our teacher training not only in pedagogy,
but having to teach teachers mathematics and this is what
we have to do in Canada.
Just going back to teaching grade 8 teachers OK.
Let’s start with grade four problems.
Let’s make sure that you’re able to think.
Without applying algebra to everything because we really had to
everything back.
Again, I talked about the scalability across this large land
of Canada and it’s because we’ve stuck to our.
True mission statement and it to promote cooperation inspire confidence
and release the genius in every child and again that
is what I want to make sure that everyone here.
Remembers during the Ideations and group work portion is that
this is what we want to stick to now.
Also, for the K12 classes at will education and publishing
we focus on our 4 core elements.
This is our core curriculum.
Our problem solving our drills and our group cooperative group
work you’ll be able to witness all four of these.
During today’s presentation. Our core values that we also stick
very true to is and there’s 2 that I want
to highlight today is courage.
Imagination and courage is what we have to teach our
teachers constantly regardless of where we go in the biggest
courage is.
Have courage in your students.
Right just because you think they aren’t able to do
it presently well.
How do we get there that is.
Really what? You need to get through to them and
then imagination.
Understanding that Everything is possible if you’re able to imagine
it and work hard towards it so many times we
were told.
Why are you expanding to Pakistan it will not work?
Well look at this, it’s working.
Now in Having the benefit of starting in Toronto,
Canada, the most multicultural city in the world we have
people coming from.
All types of backgrounds and this is just a brief
snapshot of where all of our students come from.
And the reason why this is a very good point
to highlight is that our curriculum actually.
Reflects that we’re able to pull pieces from Russia from
actually from Pakistan even from the United States from South
And that has been able to produce very well,
rounded students. You’ll see here.
This is the types of awards that they’ve won it
goes all the way from.
Piano violin Robotics Chess Badminton and then 44%
of our classes are girls.
This is something that I’m very proud of because it
It really shows that we are very inclusive and everyone
is able to do it. Again
It’s having the courage to teach.
Kids regardless of what the preconceived notions are.
Now, one really good mention that we had is that
we were selected 3 years to become Team Canada for
the world mathematical Olympiad.
During its 1st year, we went to Seoul,
Korea and we didn’t win anything.
We got blown out of the water,
the following year, we went to Beijing and we were
able to win a gold bronze and a silver and
to me,
I thought that was a good stepping stone.
And then last year, we actually went to Stanford University
Out over 12 students, 11,
won medals. And so this was.
Now this was very impressive because we were the only
western country that did well in the event.
Now. I before I jump into what we have accomplished
in Pakistan and where we plan on going.
I wanted to play a quick video.
Actually have some colleagues or some friends that used to
work here in Pakistan.
I’ve just finished 2 years in Pakistan,
working with a very large schools group and one of
the things that fascinated me.
Both in daily living an within our schools and also
in the working environment is a fantastic attitude in Pakistan
a can-do.
Whenever there’s a problem or an issue and I think
that this is a wonderful blend of both creativity and
Because sometimes some of the problems that people have presented
with they have no experience,
but are able to create and.
Think about something and come up with a solution that’s
completely unusual,
so I actually feel that this.
Get up and go, we will do it,
we will solve it. If you added that to actually
being taught to do that in a disciplined way in
and in a logical way.
I think Pakistan could have an amazing tool to.
Embrace all the challenges that it’s currently facing.
I think the young people are very hopeful in Pakistan.
There’s a great enerji and enthusiasm huge pride in their
And if we equip them with all the right thinking
skills and the collaborative skills and get rid of some
of the hierarchical skills and.
Focus on working together and agreeing something together and moving,
it and make it into a practical actual solution.
Will actually bring Pakistan to the Top of the pile
in Asia,
where I think it knows in its heart is where
it belongs
It’s very interesting to see that spirit of math,
not only inspires confidence in the children but also is
looking for them to find them selves and release that
little bit of genius.
That little bit of imagination and that’s their whole approach
and therefore I feel.
This is really meeting. What’s going to be a huge
gap in the educational?
Not market, but the educational models that we have which
are going to be ripped apart as we enter.
a new era of computers being able to deliver in
an awful lot of knowledge because teaching and learning is
Just about knowledge it’s about thinking and problem solving and
it’s been a joy to be here watching the children.
At problem solving together the interesting thing is in probably
the most thing that struck me the most is that.
You can give a really difficult problem to a child
in the spirit of math and there’s none of that
Oh, I can’t do it,
it’s wow. I’m going to find a way to do
this and if I can’t.
I’m going to speak to my.
Friends I work within groups and there’s a smile on
their face when they giving a difficult problem.
Not that fear. That you see so often in the
classroom where children’s Reddit reactions.
I can’t do it and then they want to move
away from it.
The spirit of math is doing something quite extraordinary.
There’s a lot of work to be done in the
education sector in Pakistan.
With so many children, not in school questions about the
quality of the education they receive in government schools.
Um. And I think spirit of math has an opportunity
to involve itself in basic teacher training not only in
but in general. Pedagogic style.
Which is? Quite traditional in many cases there’s still a
very didactic teacher LED focus in many classes and this
of course,
is exactly what spirit of math.
Isn’t about whether encouraging children to think for themselves and
solve problems?
Uh this is clearly the way forwarded in education,
but it will require a lot of hard work too.
To get teachers and school leaders to accept that this
change is necessary.
And in particular, I think parents in Pakistan are very
Orientated they’d like to see marks coming back every day
in notebooks.
Hum. I know spirit of math in Canada Works,
a lot with parents in terms of the orientation and.
What spirit of math is about and what the philosophy
of this style of teaching is about it’s been really
interesting to see spirit of math.
In operation in Canada. On a large scale ’cause I
first came across them in Pakistan,
where there setting up similar.
Styles of after school tuition for children there.
And it is a challenge,
though, because it involves a change of mindset in the
way that.
Children learn parents think differently in different parts of the
I think they would. Globally,
where to kind of crossroads in education.
There’s a lot of questions about the type of curriculum
We teach in schools? About the way that children learn.
I think we have to ask ourselves questions about what
it is.
We’re teaching them and and how we teach them and
spirit of math embraces that.
That question really well and I’ve been really impressed to
see classes,
not only in math, but in English and technology.
And how they stretch children to think beyond the normal
constraints of school curriculum.
So. I thought that that video was a perfect segue
of going from Canada to Pakistan and I also thought
that talking about WMO,
Canada, going to Stanford last year.
It was also very important to talk about because.
W Moe has actually granted us.
The the rights to be able to bring a team
from Pakistan to compete against the world this year.
It is going to be in Thailand,
August 2019 and we feel that we’ve been able to.
Create a good method of selecting and training those students
to be able to take them and compete against the
So this is one thing that we have here now.
One there’s some were very proud about uhm.
Is that we like to get into the community?
So we’ve been involved with Slama bad for about 18
months now.
And they don’t know this,
but I’m going to invite them up to talk about
their history very quickly.
And what what they’re doing so come on up both
of you.
So thank you so much.
Spirit of math and I thank you so much.
Forgive me. So these children,
you are saying actually these are children who are called
He was and they are nomads and Gypsies.
And I’m one of them and one lucky one who
got education.
They were trying to educate those people be cause I’m
still standing on this stage there is through reading and
And I want to bring these change and these imagination
to these children and is my wife like she is.
She is trying to help me in that becaus this
genius this period.
This should not be limited to certain class of children.
Pakistan should be equal to each and every child either.
He was born in a footpath.
Wanna jugi or in a tent.
It belongs to every Pakistan and then they can,
we contribute towards the greater nation.
To a better nation and a nation,
which can where children can imagine about math education,
literature, with they’re not worried about.
Food scarcity and like they’re not sleeping on homelessness conditions
would like.
And I just want to say a big thank you
for spiritual mats for inviting us to collaborate ’cause.
I think there is as you have said in your
presentation there is so much we can.
Together to help think creative thinking and we have the
future in our own hands.
If we if we get the tools to think.
Yeah, so thank you. Thank you.
So part of our mission here in Pakistan is yes.
We’ve set up for campuses and we’re doing amazing things
and it’s because.
Well, we have amazing teachers.
Another thing that we want to do is well.
How do we get out there?
And find all of these hidden jumps and so that’s
one of the reasons why we’ve partnered with some about.
And we’ve actually also are starting to work with Bush
Sorry actually we are working with Boucheron,
sorry and she’s. Funded some children to come and join
our spirit of math classes now this is a great
start and.
What we want to do is how do we get
out there and find all of these students it was
5 years ago I came across this Ted talks.
About this website, it can’t remember the name off the
Top of my head,
but what they do is they have these math problems.
And so the story that really stuck in my head
was this 12 year old boy in the Philippines.
He was born into poverty,
but because he was solving all these questions.
She was actually able to get mentorship from a professor
in Oxford.
And then by the time he was 16 years old.
He ended up moving and was going through classes.
And so the way that we’ve.
Decided to go about this is how do we find
this talent across the world is actually going to be
through our?
International spirit of math contest.
Uh originally it started as a standardization for our students
and then we decided well let’s put this out there
and see what happens.
So last year was our first year in Pakistan and
we were able to reach in my eyes.
It was quite impressive because we’re able to reach 5
Now. This contest is for grades one to four and
it is for high performing students all children are welcome.
To write this contest and the difference between a contessina
which is very important is that a contest.
To challenge yourself. And to see how you compete against
your peers as in a competition is to go out
there were the sole purpose of becoming number one.
Now. I know that there’s a gentleman here it is
also very good friend Imran Masood.
He’s coming up next. Imran Masood is the former Minister
of Education for Punjab.
Pakistan senior parliamentary and who has held many important positions
in the government of Pakistan.
He has been involved in the policymaking.
As being the elected Member of Provincial Assembly,
Punjab, Pakistan, holding different portfolios in different times,
his focus has been in the areas of Education,
Health. Rights woman empowerment. Environment cultural and Heritage has been
a strong supporter and enhancing the strength.
Strengthening the concept of public,
private partnership working in the education sector has been his.
Has been’s long career of hard work and achievements has?
The honor of launching the biggest education reform of Pune
job in 2002,
which was then adopted throat.
All of Pakistan. Free education for every child free textbooks
for public schools.
Uh. Public school sector an stipends for girls as well.
The World Bank supported this education reform program as a
This reform program was rated as one of the best
programs in the world.
In achieving the Millennium Development goals.
My and Imran Masood also made a policy for the
quality enhancement and research of the education institutes.
Higher Education Commission was promoted an strengthened in his time
to monitor the universities in Pakistan.
Many private universities were established in this time,
he’s representing various organizations in different capacities.
He has traveled extensively all over the world attending conferences
and seminars.
Currently, he is the Vice Chancellor of the University of
South Asia,
Asia, Lahore, Pakistan, and the chairman of.
Pantera Association of Alt art and culture.
Please put your hands together and welcome Imran Masood’s.
Let me just appreciate.
Kim’s team spirit of Mad Team,
who’ve been launched in Pakistan.
Who are now here for the last 2 years?
It takes a lot of courage to get out of
your country and to be somewhere else to launch your
So thank you. Kim that you’ve been very successful here
And you have the greatest support of Pakistani community for
being here.
I would also like to.
Thank the minister for being here more adras brilliant man.
A very nice person. And we’ve had several meetings together.
We’ve been sharing our experiences.
And I’m very determined. And I’m also very hopeful that.
With this modesta. The future of Education is in safe
I’ll just take about 5 to 10 minutes.
Everybody knows that the Forman Christian College.
Which has been turned into a University now?
Is about 256 years old institution?
Same goes for the Gordon College.
In Pindi. Murray College in Seattle court.
You take? Grenade College in Lahore,
they’re all about 70 years 80 years old institutions.
We talk about Grammar School in Karachi.
Convent in Quetta. So all these schools,
which are here in Pakistan.
Universities colleges and schools like they also in college.
Then we had the MU College.
Early good University we got this water and schools parsi
So all these education was being given by the private
Let me let me just highlight this.
You know this, this sector.
The education was been given by the private communities before
Pre partition and before 1971.
In 1971, the entire. This community colleges were nationalized by
the gamut of Pakistan.
In the year of Bhutto.
So he nationalized all these schools and colleges,
then department’s came up the Manistee’s were made.
Unions were made. The teachers came in.
So there was a lot of.
Discouragement you know. Regarding the private sector coming in.
So now when we talk about the issues the issues
which I’ve faced as a manister back in 2002.
Were a long series of?
Challenges, which I know. The current minister is also facing.
We had a very. Very less budget.
I was only given 34 billion Sir.
You might be getting more than 200 billion.
My budget was 34 billion.
26 billion was the salary component.
6 billion was Don Development,
1 billion was for the development.
The schools, I’ll focus more on Punjab actually.
The schools, which I was heading were 63,000 public schools
surkari schools.
And out of 6343 thousand.
Had no boundary walls. No furniture no fans no electricity
no toilets nothing at all.
So there was a huge.
Requirement of money and the money that I required was
90 billion in 2002.
And I was only given 1 billion to to do
my schools and I had to also look after.
424 colleges. 15 public universities.
8 educational boats. Textbook board.
And obviously Education Foundation. So we had no money and
I had to go from pillar to post to get
this money.
I went to my chief Modesta.
But recently was the Chief Minister.
And he said, We don’t have any money so you
need to go to the Prime Minister.
So I went to the federal government to the Prime
Minister Mister Jamali.
And I said Sir I need some money.
I need to do I need to do this?
I need to do that.
And Mister Jamali said that sorry we don’t have any
So we went Julie I had to go to the
World Bank to get some money.
Which I got that money?
300 billion dollars was given to me.
For 3 years 100 billion dollar.
For every year. Sorry, 300 million dollars.
So we took this initiative of.
Announcing free education for every child my biggest challenge was
Enrollment decreasing enrollment. High dropout rate.
Pakistan had the biggest drop out rate in the world.
Out of nine million students four million were dropped out
every year.
And this record this statistic was recorded by the World
By the UNICEF and many other agencies.
So it was a big embarrassment for the government of
Punjab in Pakistan that we had such a huge.
Now, how why would these children.
Would be dropped out? Why would they?
Go back to the house is nobody knew that.
It could be poverty. It could be lack of access.
No infrastructure. An schools weren’t attractive.
So students were shifting from the government schools.
To the private sector schools,
so I need to, I need it to make my
schools very attractive.
But then there was no boundary wall.
There was no desk there was no chair.
People were sitting on the starting.
So it was a big,
big challenge, which I faced but then again.
We announced free education for every child.
We announced Free Textbooks Free textbooks.
For every child. So. Stipends were also given to.
Females. The female students becaus.
We had a huge drop out amongst the female students,
only in the 15 districts of the South of Punjab.
We had parents thought that these female students should not
be sent to schools.
And they were brought back from great 6 from radiate
from the middle schooling sector they were pushed back.
To the homes. So we thought that we’re going to
do women empowerment through giving stipends and.
Free education to our children.
So we did that. We announced very strict monitoring system,
we got about 800 people is new recruits.
Those knives superdads to go around our schools.
So, in 5 years of time.
Which we spend as a as in our government?
The literacy rate from day one was 42%.
And when I left the literacy rate was 62%,
so we had a quantum jump off.
You know from 42 two.
62%. Curricular was a big issue.
Becaus we wanted to give quality education to our children,
so for quality we needed to have examination.
Teachers training and obviously the curricular revamping.
The curricula was the prerogative of the federal government.
Now it is deeply rogative of the provincial government so
we faced a little problem dealing with the Federal Minister
of Education.
After the 18th amendment. Now it has come down education
has been devolved.
To the provinces, it has become sort of.
Independent and autonomous so there’s no interference from the federal
So curriculum was the biggest issue and nobody had ever
worked on this curricular.
Zubeda Jalal was the minister for education in those times.
So she did a little revamping and that revamping was
done after 26 years.
So are books were redundant.
Nobody wanted to come to the government schools.
Private sector was coming up very fast.
They were more attractive. They had the modern curricula so
there was a competition between.
In fact, there was a no competition between the public
and the private school.
So I wanted my garment schools to be rated.
Close to the private sector.
Becaus in my times the government schools were order medium
school strictly or do medium.
As we focused on the national language.
But then English was uh.
Was a requirement? So we started English as a compulsory
language from Grade 1.
Previously, it was done from great 6,
so we brought it down to Grade 1.
So we gave English as a Compulsory Language,
Maths. As a compulsory subject.
And free education stipends digits training.
Became compulsory DSD was revamped.
Nobody wanted to come for teachers training.
He thought that he just rating was a punishment.
Becaus the theater was very less.
There were no housing facilities for the women and women
could not get out of their homes.
Traveling. Far off from Chakwal from the whole story from
Gujarat from Monday Bodine.
And their husband would not allow them to stay 7
days in a week in Lahore.
So we changed the whole system.
DSD was then strengthened Cedar helped us the Canadian Agency.
They gave us money and we started this on the
Nonstop teachers training. Not in Somers throughout the year.
So these challenges that we faced we handled them well.
And I’m sure same challenges would be.
Uh would be dead by the current minister also.
Pakistan is huge. 4 provinces now we got killed Gilgit
Baltistan also.
The population is huge. It’s a Humongous and a monstrous
we talking about 700,000 people working.
Only in one single Education Department of Punjab only.
It is one of the biggest ministries.
In the world like the American ministries like the Chinese
like the Indians.
So I think if you have the leadership.
If you have the commitment and if you have the
know how.
That would have the ground issues.
Only then you can design your policy there have been
many education policies in Pakistan.
Which always got changed after every 10 years?
After every change of the garment anybody who came as
a minister.
He adopted his own policy,
so there was no nothing was constant.
There wasn’t any evaluation of any policy what were the?
Achievements and what are the drawbacks.
So anybody who came. Just only worked in the school
but I strongly believe. That,
it is as it is a movement from a school
to a college.
And from a college to a University and this movement
of a student has to be very swift.
So schools are linked with colleges.
And colleges are linked with universities.
You cannot work in isolation.
You can only you can’t put your focus on schools
and forget about the?
Colleges and universities, so it has to be a very
systematic policy.
Where you can achieve your results?
The boys and the girls of Pakistan,
they’re brilliant we’ve got. Excellent talent amongst boys and girls.
I would go around the entire Punjab traveled the country.
And I would see those children amazing children.
But the only issue is that if you.
Put them in the right school.
Right enabling environment. That child will Excel.
But if you don’t give that child,
a desk or a chair.
And he’s studying under a tree,
we called in the tree schools.
In my times, I had 250 schools,
which are operating under a tree.
I mean, nobody could ever think about schools working under
the trees but we had this problem.
So you’ve so we need to give access to our
young children.
To our young boys and girls who come from poor
The rich community, they can afford the private sector education,
but my focus was those children who are in the
public schools.
So we bridge the gap between the public and private.
I never wanted that the public school children would think
themselves as inferior students.
And the private sector has superior so I bridge that
I brought English as a compulsory language change the curricula.
Change the infrastructure. Made the walls gave them the furniture
gave them the best teachers recruited new teachers.
A new policy was made.
How to hire A new teacher?
Oh, there was no restriction so we made we said
that the teacher has to be a graduate.
With one years of professional education BB8,
so that was the order of that of day on
those times.
So that’s why I think that.
We need to. Get these kind of things like the
world Olympiad like the contest.
Like releasing a genius. We need to give this kind
of opportunity to the children of Pakistan,
Punjab, why not? They also deserve modern education education based
on research.
We need to have new books new curricula.
Where we can make our children to be more successful?
Brilliant students by giving them the right enabling environment.
Uh. I I think that the government of Punjab,
specially the. Ministry of Education has to adopt these kind
of models.
These models, which are very successful models.
These models, which work throughout the world.
The world is now adopting.
Success models successful models. Success stories.
And I think. With the presence of spirit of math.
We have this opportunity. Which is now there we need
to pick up this opportunity?
And I’m very determined in a very sure.
They diminished of Education Punjab.
Is focused on his work?
Anne has done his. His research,
he knows what he has to do now.
He needs a good team.
So one suggestion, which I would like to.
Last 2 minutes to have 2 minutes.
So my suggestion would be to the Ministry of Education
that we need to take private sector as our partners.
Partners with the government. Single handedly garment cannot operate cannot
obtain or achieve the literacy rates,
which we I want to actually achieve.
So government private both hand in hand,
they have to. Get along go along.
Yes, there has to be a rational about the fee
structure why not?
It has to be fixed,
but I think the private sector has to be.
Ticket along I see many.
Familiar faces sitting down there.
I’ve been working with them,
they’ve been working with me.
They have been my partner in in my.
In my mission, which I adopted.
And still I consider them as very valuable partners.
So I think that our education is in safe hands
with the leadership of Mister Morales.
Thank you Kim thank you Nathan.
Thank you, Mister James for being here,
Mister Duran and your entire team Mister Roma.
For giving this new idea to us.
To our community and to our society.
Thank you so much and have a great day.
Now, our next speaker is Mrs Kim.
Blank and she’s a CEO and cofounder of spirit of
mass schools and she’s going to be talking about.
Education around the Globe and how releasing the jeans in
the spirit of math is,
is moving towards the future.
Thank you.
All right. I’m first of all before I start.
I’m going to just make a point here that education
is important.
For everyone. Is not just those people who are in
the schools so even all of you?
Who are here from the media?
Its effects you just as much as it effects anybody
And this is a very,
very serious topic. We all should be thinking about this.
You have just heard. Of what has some incredible initiatives
that have happened here.
What I’m going to do now is take you forward?
And we’re going to look at not just what is
happening in Pakistan but what is happening in education?
What’s happening with this world?
What do we need to get prepared for.
Because this is a changing world.
So if you I had actually I had a little
boy come to me last fall.
And last spring. And it was in June and he
was in Grade 4 and he said to me,
Mrs Langan. I am worried.
Said did you know that by the year 2020 four
of the jobs that are going to be out there?
We don’t even know about right now.
They’re all going to be new.
So we have to make sure kids know about this.
This was a child coming to me.
We knew this, it is critical there are huge changes.
We are at a place now where it used to
be we could see 1020 years down the road.
But now no is very,
very difficult to see.
0. Let’s look at what we have to do to
get the kids to learn this.
And what are the tip of the things that we
have to do so that they can be ready for?
This. Type of ad child an changing world that were
in the first they need to be independent thinkers.
We need to teach them how to teach too.
Think logically and to reason properly those people who are
able to reason properly will make proper decisions and when
you make proper decisions while your life is a lot
nicer. And it also means that if you’re a leader
and you’re making the proper decisions,
you’re affecting many others. In a very good way so
this is critical.
To get this reasoning in?
The next. And this is a huge concern the fake
news fake fax huge concern for many of the leaders
of the world.
There is saying look at the social media right now,
look what’s happening. There’s all this fake news?
How do we get the kids?
To be at a point where they can look at
it critically.
They have a disciplined manner to actually investigate and find
out what is truth and what’s not truth.
Critical thinking the reasoning is also part of that does
this make sense.
But we have to teach them how to think that
so that they can make the proper decisions.
Again and no weather is going to be fake news
or fake facts.
Innovative thinking.
If you have a Business Today,
the most critical. Then you have to develop is innovation.
And what do you want you want people who have
been taught how to be innovative thinkers?
Is not just can you follow this and memorize a
lot of things innovation is the powerhouse?
For businesses and will be even more of the powerhouse
in the motor for businesses.
If we don’t look at that seriously now.
There’s going to be serious implications in the future.
Now you’ve heard a lot about imagination.
Imagination we had a big conference on so people were
really focused on it,
I’m not going to touch too much on this.
Except to say that we tend to sort of think
of that as a childish type of thing where we
look at imagination is something that you just imagine and
you see all these. Things your mind,
but in fact.
For you to be able to determine what’s going to
happen in the coming years.
Imagination helps you do that.
Because it’s a disciplined approach and if you have a
disciplined approach to be able to see what’s coming up.
Then you’ll be able to make the proper decisions.
Now. Another thing that often I see in education is
that there is a lot of quantity of material.
It used to be that education was about knowledge.
And that’s really what you wanted to have so it’s
memorization give lots and lots of work.
And in fact, the whole world.
The new shift is let’s get this quality because that’s
what changes the thinking.
And if you have good quality.
You don’t need to have as many things and as
much to memorize.
In fact, each pepto biz just told about a knowledge
bank that the Egyptian knowledge bank that they have.
And they basically have this huge on line knowledge bank
for everybody to access.
So we can find knowledge banks all over the world,
but that that was so that the government could say
here’s the knowledge.
Now, what is the purpose in the function of the
educators is to get them to use that knowledge.
And think about a reason and innovate.
Finally we’ve got problem solving.
Clearly, the future has many different problems coming up things
that we can’t even anticipate.
This is key to the future is getting problem solvers,
an finally coexistence is a critical issue faced by.
All the leaders in the world that is not just
about you,
or me and just looking after our own selves and
saying this,
this group or this group.
We do coexist so we coexist between demographics.
Change geographical between nations culturali and we have to teach
the kids how to coexist and so therefore collaborative learning
is critical.
And once we learn how to coexist that many of
our answers will be or many of our problems will
be answered.
That’s when we get to release the genius.
Now there is something else,
I wanted to talk about today.
And that is that we tend to think about education
as 3 different silos now before I show this next
I wanted to just ask you and you may think
can why are you asking this question I want to
ask you?
What is the purpose of education?
Why? Do we educate?
And I think also that we can know things.
It’s not just about knowledge.
I just went through reasoning and so on.
It’s actually to ensure that our future generations that our
society has all the skills in the resources needed for
the future.
It is to also improve the quality of life for
So if you do this well.
Then the nation will be successful.
People will enjoy a much better life and quality of
Education is critical for all of us.
And what generally has happened is that we think about.
3 silos. Businesses on their own over here,
then we have education government is governing the the country
and they will help the Edukators.
But what we have to do now is integrate.
These are like different threads and when we bring the
threads together.
And intermingle them together, then what you have is a
That is joined together and makes a beautiful picture.
So I’m going to propose that.
If we can get businesses to help help more than
you’re going to see that there is an we can
integrate them.
You can see that innovation will be happening.
So to his support the Innovation ’cause That’s the critical
aspect for the future.
If you don’t have innovation and innovative.
Thinkers. Then businesses will not be successful.
So what we’ve got here is successful business and that
provides resources to education.
If they are able to provide the resources of people
money and their skills.
Then we will have a focused agile system.
Now I’m saying agile because.
As much as we need stability.
Edukators also have to be agile for the changing times
that are coming.
And how do we be agile and then at the
same time ensure that the kids have?
What they need? Because things are changing so much that
will change your innovation standards and produce innovation standards.
I don’t actually don’t know.
Any innovation actual standards in education anywhere in this will
be something really interesting to think about.
Or businesses can also help with that and that gives
you talented people,
which helps us and success for the for businesses.
So, in order to look at this and actually think
about things we’re actually going to do something a little
different today.
And part of what we’re going to do is discussion.
An so the way that we’re going to do that
I’m going to pose problems couple of questions to you.
An in your tables. You’re going to.
Discuss these and come up with some solutions.
You’re going to have some one person at each table.
You’ll be assigned one person per table who will actually
take notes.
And at the end. So you’ll discuss at the end,
we’re actually going to have the table stand up,
and say here’s some of the ideas that we came
up with.
And we’d like we will take those ideas and we’re
going to create a white paper.
From these ideas and it will be shared with all
of you so that you can see this these are
the ideas.
That we came up with.
Spirit of math likes collaboration.
We don’t think we have all the answers.
We actually know we don’t have all the answers.
The more people we can get together to discuss this.
Talk about This very serious topic of education,
the better it will be.
OK. So we’re going to start off with the very
first question.
But before we do that.
I’m going to ask that.
Everyone joins a table, please if possible,
a couple of you will walk around and that’s OK,
but otherwise I’d like you to try to table ’cause
I’d like you to be part of this discussion.
We want to hear. Your ideas.
It’s very important that we hear all of your ideas,
even if you’re not an edgecator.
We want to hear your ideas because in fact,
you will probably bring in something that we hadn’t even
thought about.
When you talk about vision if you do not have
a vision,
then you will never know whether you get there or
OK, so for leaders and we have a whole room
of leaders,
here. For leaders, here they should know where they’re going.
And I think it’s really critical because if leaders don’t
have that passion.
In that vision. No one will know where to go.
Never mind whether they reached it or not.
OK and also what happens if you don’t have a
vision is that people start blaming and seeing all the
And say look at this and look at that and
look at what the all these problems,
whereas if you have a vision.
You’ve actually reach you see look what we did.
Then you start getting excited about things.
When you get excited about things then Ah now we
can do something else.
You start believing in things.
And we’ve got that belief almost anything can happen.
That’s Why? For leadership I think it’s critical we start
with visioning.
Anne if you’ve got that then you can do a
OK, so This is why I started with this we
now have.
I have several questions.
An each table will address 1.
We’re going to tell you,
which question you will address we really want you to
take notes by the way.
Please because we want to work with this afterwards.
It is very important we understand what you’re thinking.
How can business collaborate with Education #Table 2 at the
back there?
What changes in curriculum are needed in order to ensure
innovation happens.
What is the role of mathematics in the creation of
problem solvers if you can look at that?
What do you think of when you hear the word.
Innovation. What is the value of innovation.
OK, what does innovation mean to you and what is
the value of innovation?
How can you find talented students and then support their
So you can think of that.
And then #6, is you guys what are the most
critical skills teachers will require?
To to prepare students for the future #6.
In my Federation opinion, the Pakistan is basically a very
fertile country every thing we have,
we have a lot of natural.
Human resources we have, but that’s Unfortunately,
it’s not Pakistan is not working it is poorly managed
so we have some problem.
But if with the help of quality education.
We can explore our potential capabilities and a youth.
Then, Pakistan would be the in the 1st row of
the developed countries,
so I think you people can.
Collaborate with the government at V people can assist you
and Inshallah.
The that they will come that will be in a
better position and then in the 1st.
Line of the developed countries,
so each the vision of the Pakistan in our Federation
No second yes that elaboration of the BIS in education.
Already private sector is working in all over Pakistan more
than 2 leg private schools are working with us.
In Operation and we have a great opportunity to have
excess of Elites class and schools and as well as.
Local school as well. So yes,
with the quality education in a business site.
Yes, we can work our Constitution is also allow us.
Cording to the article. 18 and 19,
we can work, but with better tools quality we can
deliver better we can have access.
Our student with teachers and if we have a good
pedagogical skills.
Like do people are delivering in all over the world
in your country it’s a great opportunity and I think.
With the help of the dominant private sector and sport
and assist this what we discussed as a group.
Oh is that teacher training is very important.
And teachers should be trained and adequate enough to handle
their class.
They should understand the mentality of every child.
Uh and teachers should be passionate that’s very important because
I’ve also been in education and I do realize that.
If you don’t love your talent you’re never good at
so the other thing is that he or she should
Basic educations of being a teacher.
You know, an becaus in our country.
Most of the teachers like you said that.
I have a job when somebody can’t find a job
the best thing they can do is go and start
And sometimes teachers do not have skills to handle children.
And it’s very important to handle a child properly.
And yes, we should also take care of how the
teachers behaving in her classroom.
And I think these are important tags good point.
Thank you very much.
I think mathematics is very much uh important if we
look at history.
Like it was the most important factor which.
She had without like problem solving skills as compared to
other species.
And if you ask me like I think I will
not be afraid to say that even to me,
God is like? If I look at the universe and
look things around me.
Everything worked in our order and thing and there’s mathematician.
And if I look at future life,
I look at machine learning like deep learning or even
cloud computing.
And so many new field of like data.
I think everything go through mathematics and statistics and it
will be.
2 important for our future is I specie and even
if we have to go to the planet.
We have to 12 this.
Skill of problem solving and that’s what mathematics brings to
us that how can we find talented students specially in
Uh. It’s not that that students in schools as we
are seeing if I talk of myself here 40 years
old in this business.
If we can see students in schools and we can
pick them up and just.
Grew them and Put them in life.
I don’t think so, it’s enough.
We have to. Make teams.
We have to go. Ann.
With cooperation of garment sectors private sectors merge with each
other at as Mister.
Imran Masood said that we need this.
Collaboration we should. Make teams in different cities.
They should go in different places.
You never know what a child in which place which
He’s there and he’s not getting any facility and talent
is there.
Perfect but We can’t find it.
So we need teamwork. To find talent and if we
find talent.
I think Pakistan is best on it.
We can do it thank you.
I hope you can see how just even talking about
a couple of little things and we’ve only given you
a very small.
Bit of time will help.
As move forward and it is his collaboration.
That’s needed, and it also the ideas that are brought
It’s not just have I got the right answer.
It’s not about the right answer is about asking the
right questions,
so that we can figure out what are the solutions
and go forward?
So, along the way I really encourage you all to
start this discussions in your own neighborhoods in your own.
Listen. Wherever you go ’cause education is critical.
An it is. The Elector of life right so with
that I am finished with my talk and I like
Just introduce Nathan again, I guess,
he’s going to tell you what’s next so thank you
very much everybody for doing this?
And participating spell Eric wanted him.
Miss Kim. Nathan.
Mister Imran Masood Mister James.
Of all the guests at Salaam alaykum.
It was uh. Very interesting what I have seen today
and I’ve talked to them in the previous meetings that
I’ve had.
In my office, a couple of meetings when they were
inviting me here and telling me exactly.
What spirit of math is?
I think I would want.
All our children.
To have this facility.
I’m telling you this is something.
So unique. And.
It doesn’t mean. That every child or every student is
the genius.
Or only give them the opportunity that have the capability,
but I think this should be given to every kid.
Because we don’t know. Which one is going to shine?
Obviously, there is a system that they’re coming through and
then you find out which ones are the ones that
really can go and run with this.
I think it should be given that opportunity should be
given to each and every student.
That we have.
How to do that I found out?
That this is not a very.
Inexpensive program it is an expensive program for us Becaus.
When it comes to the government.
There’s a lot of money needed because there’s a lot
of students and millions.
And we have to create those funds to do things
like this.
But game I would really want you too.
Says a little research site building.
I would really want you to help us out and
Please that how we can really.
Of work on this and take it to the next
I know you have 4 schools right now.
I would like this in 4000 schools.
And I mean, we would want this too.
An and Hopefully will create friends an we will need
a little discount from you and collaboration of both things
we can make this happen.
As the My dear friend,
He said that he needed the minister for education.
He needed 90 billion that’s what you said 90 billion.
To do what he wanted to do at that time.
And I’ll tell you when I joined.
The This Ministry I was,
I asked what will it take to fix everything if
I want to fix?
Everything I want to know that number.
You have to know that number to fix everything.
You know, some people just don’t think about it,
but I wanted to know in the first week?
How much money do we need?
They said 4 billion dollars.
4. So he needed about a billion dollars at that
so 15 years down the road.
We need about 4 billion dollars to fix everything.
One should at least know what your goals are.
I think my number one.
Number one priority is quality of Education.
Right now in the government sector.
I think one has to be very truthful and be
straight and let people know what the problems are.
And our number one problem is quality.
People are going to private schools.
Becaus I see quality there better than what the government
school is schools are offering.
We have to bring. I still haven’t met.
Uh these organisations that are I think one gentleman.
I just met was sitting right here.
Uh there, he is the private School Association.
I still have to meet them.
Becaus first I want to see what we have in
the last four,
five weeks. I’m just getting stock of everything that I
An I’m still waiting for a good news that somebody
should come and tell me this is what is working.
I wish I would have been handed over things by
Mister Imran Masood.
And that 10 year lab in the middle wouldn’t have
come then we would have been somewhere.
Somewhere else today, but I think if we would have
handed us things,
the way he left them we would have been at
a different place to start.
Our starting point would have been different completely.
But here we are, and uh.
Quality. Quality and quality. If we don’t bring quality teachers.
That’s where the quality will start.
It will start with the teachers.
If we don’t train the teachers well.
If we don’t bring the right teachers.
I mean, these days, I’ll tell you I have met
enough teachers in the past,
one month. There’s certain teachers that came.
I did not know. Whether that is a teacher.
Or, a gangster.
Really, it was that I was shocked.
That is this, who is this gentleman.
I mean?
If he looks scary to Maine,
imagine what the kids would be thinking at that time.
So we have to see the what we’re really providing
our kids.
Instead of me coming from one party political party.
And putting all the people becaus.
I want to make my party happy so I want
PTI people to be joining teachers.
Interior we cannot do this.
We are cheating our children standing today,
I’ll tell you we are cheating are children of the
real education.
That’s supposed to be given to them.
We have to start absolutely from 0 again.
Becaus. When you see what’s happening with the government schools.
We can walk in the city right now,
this is Lahore, the biggest city.
Supposedly most one of the most educated cities.
Let’s walk will go to government schools and you’ll see
what the conditions are.
We have to change all this we need we need
everybody’s support.
We need private support. We need public,
private partnerships. We need everything.
We need curriculum to be changed.
That when I say curriculum has to be changed people
think that I’m talking about English medium Englishman no,
I’m not.
I’m talking about a curriculum.
That you don’t have to cram.
It has to be something.
If it says this is.
A microphone. Tell the kid that it’s not just the
What is it used for?
What is it made out of?
Would tilt and different things about the microphone.
It has to be critical thinking.
It cannot be just saying This is a microphone.
This is a microphone. There’s a microphone.
The kid sees it, and said this is the microphone
that’s it.
It doesn’t know anything about it.
The quality has to be changed.
The critical thinking has to be brought in.
There are so many things that I really want to
but and I want to go much faster than we’re
going right now for the past 4 weeks.
But this will take time this will take time.
This will take money this will take a lot of.
Effort. And we all have to do it together.
How do we do it together because we do it
for our country for our kids?
They are the future.
We invest in the future of our own country by
investing in education.
That is the most important thing if we don’t do
anything else and if we can fix education.
We have done our job.
We have Baydar dues to the our country.
Becaus we are investing there for generations to come.
And I would I would really want for once,
we would. Get past this.
Marty barriers and leave education alone.
That if Mister Imran Masood brought some good initiatives.
And good innovations. The other ones should promote them Becaus,
I remember I have seen myself.
Things that he brought they’ve been finished.
They’ve been abolished becaus, he was from a different party.
And those things were discontinued.
I will bring them back again,
I’ll tell you. The good initiatives that he took I
will sit down with him,
I’ll bring them back.
These the things in education,
they have to be beyond parties beyond ourselves beyond everything.
This is for our kids.
These things that we will do in the coming months
in the coming year years or 4.
The future of our country.
What spirit of math has done incredible?
The Nathan’s grand father starting this.
Tim’s father. One I mean look at this,
this is called innovation. This is called hard work this
is called?
They’re not doing it for the money.
They can do it for the money in 24 hours,
I know. They can be loaded and sitting at home
and not worrying about anything but no.
They’re making the effort in the right direction.
They are.
They’re taking their time. They’re picking and choosing what they
want to do.
Making the right decisions, not looking for the next dollar.
So I really appreciate what you’re doing,
but please make it. Please make it a little and
inexpensive for Maine.
I cannot afford it. My kids cannot afford the what
Zoran has told me the fee,
and you were sitting in my office do I cannot
afford it for my kids?
But we’ll talk about that.
Uh. One last thing anything and everything.
That anybody has good ideas,
innovative ideas, not good ideas.
I want brilliant ideas. I don’t want anything normal anymore.
I don’t want average I want the best.
And I want anybody who has.
An idea that is completely out of the park.
I want that idea. I don’t want average anymore.
I want the best for our kids,
so anybody who has that come and see Maine.
Office is open at all times.
I’m sitting there, most of the time,
other than my meetings. And we’re going to join hands
with spirit of math also.
Uh and see what we can do.
And. And Y know will do something that’s for sure,
so that’s one thing for sure.
But I don’t know where will start will sit down
and will discuss.
And I welcome everyone. I want to thank you.
Kim thank you. Nathan thank you for inviting me here.
I want to thank Mister Imran Masood for putting us
all together.
And uh. Very kind. And hopefully.
In the coming future will see.
The best things that come out of the education in
Pune job so thank you very much.
Thank you. I’m really appreciate it,
we don’t don’t take off too far.
We have a big wall at the back that says
releasing the genius.
And what we would like everybody to do is get
one of these markers and sign your name underneath it.
To show that you are part of this beginning of
releasing the genius in Pakistan,
so thank you everybody. For for being here in participating
please go and sign everybody.
We want everybody to go and sign that wall.
And we’ll start with.
With the Minister of Education to start it all.
The ministers of education that have been to start and
then while everybody else,
please sign. Thank you.


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