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What people are saying about Spirit of Math:

  • “Spirit of Math is astonishing! My kid loves it!”

    Carol Christie Culp, parent of Grade 5 SoM student

  • “Spirit of math is probably one of the best decisions we ever made as parents. Our daughter started at the end of grade 2 and arrived with very few math skills. By the end of grade 2 she was confident, participated regularly and looked forward to class every week. She was challenged in a safe and nurturing academic environment, with students who wanted to learn and be there. Her teacher was truly outstanding. Can’t say enough superlatives about the program.”

    Astrid Fischer, parent of Grade 2 SoM student

  • “I really like the co-operative math aspect. A lot of the times math is more focused on the individual and they haven’t had that collaborative element. I think that’s one of the most important things; to talk about the math and discover how everyone looks at math differently. I think the exposure to those different ideas, especially at an early age, will be beneficial for my son moving on. We’re looking at globalization and working with people from around the world, so it’s important to see those different viewpoints and to understand that math, although it has a specific outcome, you can reach that outcome in different ways.”

    Carly Noda, parent of Kindergarten SoM student

  • “With our older child, who has been in the program for two years, we’ve definitely found that he has a better approach to problem-solving. There’s definitely been an enhancement in language skills for both children and definitely there’s been a huge improvement in their math compared to their peers in the public-school system outside of Spirit of Math.”

    Melody Bui, SoM parent

  • “The program really enriches a person’s personality and their mind. It allows us to use whatever tools we’ve been given and apply them to our future. As we are graduating, we are able to use the knowledge and skills we’ve gained over the years and apply it to the rest of our lives to better the world.”

    Danielle Grabke, SoM graduate

  • “Spirit of Math went above and beyond to help me succeed at school. I’ve seen the program grow at an exponential rate and it’s incredible because it’s helping so many students. Spirit of Math helped me discover my passion for math and helped me in many other courses; anything in the sciences, whether it be chemistry or physics, Spirit of Math has helped me across the board. I realized that I enjoy all of them (math-related courses) and that led me to pursue an Engineering degree.”

    Chris Staykov, SoM graduate

  • “You click into an untapped potential that all kids have, but they haven’t yet found. Spirit of Math is more than just mathematical concepts and problem solving. It teaches lessons that you cannot develop in the classroom at school, and that’s what I think releasing the genius in every child means.”

    Caroline Chen, SoM graduate

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