High Park - Silvia Di Sisto - Spirit of Math Schools

High Park – Silvia Di Sisto

“Spirit of Math has played an important part in the education of all three of my children. Not only have they learned fundamental math concepts from enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers, but more importantly, it has continually challenged them with difficult math problems. All three write math competitions with great success. SMS introduced topics such as multiplication, fractions and integers at an early age and it was amazing to see my children understand and grasp the concepts so quickly. As they got older, each new math lesson exposed them to challenging problems and taught them to bring together all the problem solving techniques they have learned. The curriculum is very strong and I especially like the repetition in doing math drills and problem solving.  The weekly lessons and homework assignments are very structured, which has allowed them to be responsible for being on top of their homework both for the workload and content.  With SMS, math is a subject I don’t have to worry about.” ~ Silvia S., parent of Matthew, Luke and Emily, grades 5, 9 & 11

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