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RTG Podcast EP11: Nurturing Global High School Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley with Julie Song

Julie Song is the founder of GATSVI (Gifted and Talented Silicon Valley Innovators) and Director of GATI (Gifted And Talented Institute) based in California, USA.She has always valued global education and innovation and nurtures high school entrepreneurs so they may impact the world. 

This week Kim Langen and Nathan Langen, interview Julie Song, a former NY teacher, who while teaching at a public school during the week, launched her first education program in Brooklyn, NY – a “learn-through-play” language immersion class on the weekends. Within a few short months, the program became a raving success among parents and students.

Encouraged and emboldened by the experience, Julie went on to complete her studies at Teachers College, Columbia University and then operate a learning center in South Korea. In Asia, she founded a Success Academy that helps students discover, experience and unleash their inner potentials as innovators. She returned to her roots in Silicon Valley to launch GATSVI to help students learn 21st century core skills through entrepreneurship and innovation. In 2019 summer, she coordinated a pre-collegiate research and innovation program at University of California, Irvine.

To find out more about GATSVI and GATI visit

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RTG Podcast EP10: From Child Actor to Living Legend with Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari is considered a living legend by tens of millions of fans in South Asia and across the world. She started her career as a child actor at the age of 9 and has received multiple awards throughout her career including a presidential Pride of Performance in Pakistan for her contribution to art and culture.

In this episode, Kim Langen and Nathan Langen speak to Bushra Ansari, a living legend of television and film from Pakistan. Bushra started as a child actor and is widely known for her iconic roles spanning decades (in both drama and comedy), singing and writing for television. She speaks about her early life, the importance of having focus and self-belief, and the constant re-invention, evolution and growth of her work. Bushra also shares how she has dedicated a major part of her life to use her fame for charitable causes around the world.

Bushra Ansari’s Website:

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RTG Podcast EP09: Teaching Data Science with Shingai Manjengwa

In this episode, hosts Kim Langen and Nathan Langen interview Shingai Manjengwa, a data scientist by profession, Shingai is the Technical Education Specialist at the Vector Institute for AI in Toronto, Canada and she is also the founder of Fireside Analytics Academy, a registered private high school (BSID: 886528) that teaches high school students data science and offers the data science course curriculum to other high schools. Shingai’s children’s book, ‘The Computer and the Cancelled Music Lessons’ teaches data science to kids from ages 5 to 12.

Shingai Manjengwa is the Chief Executive Officer of Fireside Analytics Inc., an ed-tech start-up that develops customized online and in-person professional development programs that teach digital and AI literacy, data science, data privacy, data visualization, and computer programming. Clients include corporates, governments, non-profits, higher education institutions, and high schools. Data science courses by Fireside Analytics have over 420,000 registered learners on platforms like IBM’s and Coursera.

Shingai is an NYU alumna with a Master’s in Business Analytics from the Stern School of Business, she is a tech influencer, and she is this year’s recipient of the ‘Emerging Leader’ Public Policy Forum Award.

You can find her on twitter: @Tjido

RTG Podcast EP08: Releasing the Genius in Pakistan with Mushtaq Chhapra

Mushtaq Chhapra is the chairman and co-founder of The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) in Pakistan. With over 266,000 students in over 1,652 schools in over 61 districts of Pakistan, TCF is one of the largest non-profit organizations in Pakistan in the field of education.

In this episode, hosts Kim Langen and Nathan Langen interview Mushtaq Chhapra. In 2010 in Qatar, Chhapra and TCF were one of the six recipients of the WISE Awards — international plaudits that recognised him as a champion of peace and a symbol of hope. For his work with TCF, he was also awarded the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship in 2013, and is a receipient of a lifetime achievement award from the Canada Pakistan Business Council (CPBC). Chhapra is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and a Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur.

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RTG Podcast EP07: Changing Lives with Devon Jones

Devon Jones is an Educator, Community Developer and Youth advocate and his work have been highlighted in the Toronto Star, National Post, and the CBC. His commitment to young people in an area of Toronto that’s been branded the most dangerous area to be a kid has extended beyond school boundaries and hours and has inspired thousands of young people. Jones was given an honourable mention in the Toronto Star Teacher of the Year awards.

In this episode, hosts Kim Langen and Nathan Langen interview Devon Jones, who for over 2 decades taught at Brookview Middle School and also in a central capacity as a special project teacher at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Working with some of Toronto’s racialized and marginalized students at Brookview Middle School, in the Jane and Finch area, Jones strives to show his students “how to make smart choices, how to be civically engaged (and) how to be part of the larger social fabric.”

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RTG Podcast EP05: Helping Hands in Uganda with Phibby Otaala

Phibby Otaala is the Ugandan Ambassador to Kenya, a humanitarian and a strong driving force for education and social uplift in her community

In this episode, hosts Kim Langen and Nathan Langen speak to Phibby Otaala, the Ugandan Ambassador to Kenya, a humanitarian and a strong driving force for education and social uplift in her community. Phibby traces her journey from humble beginnings, being born in a slum near the Ugandan and Kenyan border and how hope, grit and determination helped her overcome adversity. Her charity Helping Hands is deeply involved in social welfare and education. Discover the alarming situation in Phibby’s community brought on by COVID-19 and what you can do to help.

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RTG Podcast EP04: Lessons from Thailand with Dr. Pornpun Waitayangkoon

Dr. Pornpun is a STEAM education pioneer for the Asia+Pacific region. Gain an insider’s perspective on the pivotal role of STEAM education in creating future leaders.

In this episode, hosts Kim Langen and Nathan Langen engage in a conversation with Dr. Pornpun Waitayangkoon, President of The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) in the Asia + Pacific region. A riveting discussion about the evolution of education in Thailand, and the ongoing efforts to develop and enhance the quality of education in the midst of the rising challenges posed by the socioeconomic shift in Thailand.

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RTG Podcast EP03: Watch Episode: Setting Your Sails for Success with Alvin Brown

In this episode, our hosts Kim Langen and Nathan Langen speak to Alvin Brown, CEO and founder of The Centre of Healing and Peak Performance. Discover Alvin’s fascinating journey and how, against all odds, he has become one of the most successful health, wellness and peak performance practitioners in North America. Alvin will be sharing some of the tools he used on his own personal journey of success. 

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RTG Podcast EP02: Watch Episode: Creating future leaders with Dr.Spencer Fowler

In this episode, our hosts Kim Langen and Nathan Langen speak to Dr. Spencer Fowler, a former OHL hockey player and firefighter turned educational leader who is presently the CEO and Superintendent of The Affiliated High School of Peking University’s Dalton Academy, one of the world’s leading schools in Beijing, China. Discover his dynamic life story and how he is bridging the gap between students, teachers and industry leaders globally!

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Watch Episode: Discover how one of the worlds biggest education reforms was launched in Pakistan. “2.2 million new students coming into our schools”

In our first episode, our hosts Kim Langen and Nathan Langen, interview Mian Imran Masood, former provincial Minister of Education Punjab, Pakistan. Imran is the architect of one of the world’s biggest educational reforms that was adopted by several countries around the world. He reveals some of the biggest challenges faced, and the impact he made in the public education sector of Pakistan.

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VIDEO: Releasing the Genius in Pakistan 

Pakistan wants to bring itself up to a global education standard that will be a model to other countries, watch the Spirit of Math conference that set the stage!

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VIDEO: How Spirit of Math became Canada’s largest ‘after-school school’

SoM Co-Founder and CEO Kim Langen speaks about the roots of our after-school program for high-performing and gifted students. (April 17, 2014).

VIDEO: Kim Langen on ATN 
Kim sits down with the Asian Television Network to talk about Spirit of Math drills, teaching methods, and more. (October 26, 2016). 

Recent Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Embracing The Spirit Of Math (ON the GO Magazine - July, 2017)

As classrooms, job markets and cities continue to increase in population, so do the levels of dire competition. Unfortunately, our current-day school systems are finding it harder and harder to prepare their student populous for the future of a highly-competitive job-search market.




The Beginnings: Spirit of Math's Humble Roots

Problem Solved (National Post - March 5, 2005)

Despite the views of education bureaucrats, the Spirit of Math approach is highly reproducible, as Ledger’s daughter and business partner, Kim Langen, now proved year after year. Langen trains teachers in her dad’s methods with extraordinary results – Spirit of Math students continue to take top honours in math competitions across North America.


Teaching goes back to basics (Toronto Star - April 9, 1995)

North York teacher Charles Ledger has taken a lot of heat from critics for the radical way he teaches math. In an era in which “memorization is bad, creativity is good,” Ledger has staked his career on the drill.


Teacher's a plus for math students (Toronto Star - June 18, 1985)

If there were a mathematics hall of fame, Willowdale teacher Charles Ledger would have earned a berth in it. He has developed a winning formula for teaching math that has earned his students some spectacular successes during the school year.


Math teacher's secret: Drill, drill, drill, drill (Toronto Star - Date Unknown)

For 10 minutes students in this Grade 7 class at Zion Heights Junior Heights School in North York are grilled until they can shout out the correct answers to teacher Charles Ledger’s questions. This is math boot camp for 12- and 13-year-olds.


Going Global: Spirit of Math Expands into Pakistan

Universal Children's Day Celebration Event (November 21, 2017)

Spirit of Math CEO and Co-Founder Kim Langen spoke at Kids Kampus Gulberg Auditorium in Lahore, Pakistan about the differentiation between high-performing and gifted students, and understanding how to work best with high-performing children at home. The event was attended by a special guest, Pakistan living legend Bushra Ansari!


VIDEO: ‘Spirit of Math’ organizes special event for mathematics students with Lahore News 

VIDEO: Spirit of Math organized a ceremony in Kids Campus Gulberg with City 42 

Math is what you make of it! (Pakistan Today - November 16, 2017)

Spirit of Math Vice President of Campus Operations Nathan Langen speaks with Pakistan Today to discuss SoM’s rapid expansion.


‘Our vision is to have independent thinkers,’ CEO Spirit of Math (Business Recorder - July 21, 2017)

Spirit of Maths was launched in Pakistan last year and they aim to teach students analytical skills, conceptual skills, and sharpen mental assessment capabilities. Following is the edited transcript of BR Research team’s meeting with Kim Langen and her team in Pakistan.


You!: Of Sharp Minds (The International News - May 23, 2017)

Spirit of Math Schools Pakistan Academic Director Kirsti Langen sits down with You! magazine in Lahore to talk about her experience living in Pakistan and bringing our unique curriculum to a new region.


Thinking beyond barriers: ‘A step towards logical and critical thinking’ (The Lahore Daily Times - May 6, 2017)

“The people of Pakistan understand and value high standards. They want to be recognized for their forward thinking and will do what it takes, without making any excuses, to succeed. It is this drive and focus that attracted us to Pakistan. Pakistan is quickly changing and progressing forward: it seemed to us to be a natural fit.” – Spirit of Math CEO and Co-founder Kim Langen


'Spirit of Math’ to cater high-achievers needs (The International News - April 24, 2017)

“Spirit of Math” being a system of after-school programme for high performing students in mathematics has opened doors for bright students in Pakistan. After the successful recognition across the world, this programme is developed to address the critical needs of those students who are looking for an opportunity to study mathematics more deeply with others like them, and for those parents who are looking for an opportunity for their children to be challenged at a global level.


For students, mathematics as a way of thinking (The Express Tribune - March 13, 2017)

A Canadian educational organisation is set to start a programme in Lahore aimed at teaching mathematics as a way of thinking rather than a subject. The ‘Spirit of Math’ programme will start at two schools this month.

While talking with The Express Tribune, Kirsti Langen, the academic director for Pakistan, hoped the programme would bring about a change in how maths was perceived among children and parents in the country.


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