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From the beginning Spirit of Math has produced exceptional results. Using the Spirit of Math approach, program creator Charles Ledger’s classes produced more Canadian Junior High School Championship Teams in mathematics competitions than all other schools combined, winning well over half of the mathematics competitions that they entered. In 13 years, these students won over 80% of the Ontario Team Championships, including 7 Canadian championships in the Grade 9 Pascal Contest (a national mathematics contest sponsored by the University of Waterloo).

Today, Spirit of Math students continue to accrue honours. In the last five years Spirit of Math students earned more than 5,000 placements on national and international math competitions, including top medals and Certificates of Distinction. But Spirit of Math is not principally a contest prep school. While winning competitions are certainly occasions to celebrate, we applaud our students’ successes in their day school classrooms and focus on the development of valuable skills that carry over to many areas of daily life:

• Confidence
• A strong sense of teamwork
• A solid understanding of how to approach many types of problems
• Persistence in the face of difficulty

These are important achievements that stem from disciplines learned at Spirit of Math.

Graduates of the program have gone on to top universities and impressive careers, acknowledging the role Spirit of Math played in their success.

adam“Thank you so much for giving me and so many other talents, the confidence in math, which spills over to all aspects of life.”

Adam R. Saunders, previous student of Charles Ledger, former Council of Economics Advisors, Executive Office of the President of the United States of America

Dr. Nima Arkani-Hamed“It was an amazing atmosphere that wasn’t replicated for me until well into my college years.”

Dr. Nima Arkani-Hamed, Theoretical Physicist, former Faculty Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey (commenting on the classes he attended with Charles Ledger)


“Spirit of Math helps give children confidence in math, in a fun, yet challenging environment. We have been recommending the program to friends for many years and will continue to do so.”


“My daughter developed a lot of confidence in her math abilities as well as very solid math skills. She really enjoyed the group work (and her fun and funny classmates).”


“My six year old is very bright but is rarely excited by his school work. With Spirit of Math, on the other hand, he is always excited to do the homework and solve the problems. I love to see him challenged and excited about learning.”


“My children’s confidence and self-esteem has blossomed. As well, their willingness to try new things and tackle new tasks is, I believe, a direct result of their experiences with this program.”


“Spirit of Math has helped our children lay a very strong foundation in mathematics. Not only have they learned the various concepts in mathematics but they have also improved their problem-solving skills.”


“This is the only extra curricular class that I highly recommend. “Spirit of Math is an exceptional program that builds my child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills.”


“We love everything about Spirit of Math! The classes are interesting and motivating. My daughter loves that there are high expectations of her and that she really has to think hard to be successful.”


“The best math program for kids in Canada. Period!”


*Comments from a 2015 Parent Survey

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