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What Makes Us Different?

Spirit of Math offers math enrichment with a difference. Many programs tackle only a single part of a mathematics; many programs just use worksheets, or only teach mental calculation techniques. For more than 25 years, Spirit of Math has been offering a balanced and comprehensive curriculum that captures the essence, or “spirit” of math.

By the way, we also rock Mental Math – which combines elements of our drills and core program.

Our program integrates four key elements:



Spirit of Math classes end with mental math problems posed by a teacher or student to the class as a whole. The questions require students to use what they’ve learned from addition and multiplication facts to perfect squares, along with great listening skills. Click on the examples on your right to see how you stand against our students:


Drills teach fluency and automaticity. In simple language, practicing our drills makes it easy to have math facts (like multiplication tables) at the ready so you can learn more complex material. It also increases speed and accuracy when solving problems, whether you’re in Grade 2 or in second year of university. It’s a base that stays with you. Our approach to drills is a complete system that we designed from the ground up, and which has students working together to achieve new goals in the classroom. Check out one of our drills examples.


The Core Curriculum delves into interesting math from the earliest grades. This engages our students and ensures they understand the math principles behind the lessons. This depth of understanding is then put into practice with challenging problem solving. Check out our curriculum by grade


Problem Solving at Spirit of Math is hardly routine. Students learn to read critically, to think flexibly and to persevere when the answer isn’t immediately obvious. In every grade our students complete a minimum of 400 competition level problems over the course of the year, and also apply their skills in national and international math contests. Check out one of our problem solving examples


Cooperative Group Work helps our students put the pieces together. They learn how to share their ideas and learn from others. They discuss homework, collaboratively problem-solve in class and present their results to their classmates. This final element of our program can only exist in our dynamic classroom environment. Yet it’s key to teaching skills that go beyond math to help students in all aspects of their academic and personal lives.

Taken as a whole, the four elements of our program promote cooperation, inspire confidence and release the genius in every child!

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