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Gain fluency and speed working with Drills!

Spirit of Math – Drills

Welcome to the support site for the Spirit of Math Drills. Here you will find several helpful video tutorials that will show you how to teach the drills to your students, as well as how to take up and score the drills.

The Spirit of Math Drills system helps students in grades 1 to 8 gain fluency and speed working with numbers. There are workbooks for students and teacher solutions manuals. There is also an iPad app for drills which is available in the app store.

1 – Introduction to Drills

2 – Short Addition

3 – Integer Addition

4 – Super Speed Addition

5 – Short Multiplication (including Integer Multiplication)

6 – Short Division

7 – Long Multiplication

8 – Long Division

9 – Perfect Squares

10 – Decimal Expansion

11 – Taking up and Marking Drills

12 – Taking up and Marking Long Multiplication/Long Division

13 – Individual and Class Progress Graphs

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