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Thornhill Campus - Spirit of Math Schools

WELCOME TO Thornhill Campus
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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Spirit of Math, Thornhill campus. We look forward to working with your children, returning and new students alike.

We are located at Kayla’s Children Centre, 36 Atkinson Avenue, in the heart of Thornhill. Our campus runs grades SK-11 Tuesday to Friday evenings. Students at our campus come from various public and private schools in Thornhill. We also have a vibrant parent community who are thoroughly engaged in their child’s progress. We thank parents for this as it is a key component in keeping our campus strong. Parent referrals are our strongest marketing tool which evidences their belief in the Spirit of Math system.

At the Thornhill campus we pride ourselves on the quality of our teachers. We have many experienced teachers with an education and Mathematics background working with us. Their dedication to their work and students is evident in the excellent student retention rate we have from year to year. In addition to this, they continually strive to hone their skills via ongoing professional development geared specifically to teaching high-performing students. Our testimonials are evidence of this as well.

This year we will be offering in-person and online classes in light of the pandemic.  Please view our schedule for details on day/time offerings.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our campus very soon!

Riyaz Datoo and Nasreen Sevany
Campus Owners, Thornhill

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REGISTRATION 2020/2021: 

Registration for the 2020/2021 school year will begin on May 11th at noon for returning students and on May 25th for new students.

Students new to Spirit of Math are invited to schedule a free interview to determine their suitability for our program.  Please call us at 416-660-0499 or email to make an appointment.  We look forward to meeting with you and your chid!

In light of the pandemic we will be offering in-person and online classes this year.  Please view our schedule for further details.




What our parents & students say!

  • Qaahir Rahemtulla: “Spirit of Math is about going beyond. It is a great program that encourages me to think and work at higher levels. I enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to push myself and learn that I can go beyond what I thought were my limits. The teachers at the Thornhill campus are very nice. They are encouraging and are always willing to help me patiently through difficult concepts. I have been a student at SMS Thornhill for 5 years and feel that the teachers and principal genuinely care about me and are interested in helping me become a better student and a better person.” ~ Qaahir R., grade 8 student
  • Bryce Wylde: “Spirit of Math has helped our children understand critical concepts in advanced mathematics that will continue to build and strengthen their math knowledge and confidence. The variety of ways in which the teachings are applied in class are proof. The end of class mental math exercise is a great example where the entire class is engaged and challenged with a difficult question they need to figure out in their head. What is surprising is that every hand goes up to eagerly answer the question. Spirit of Math builds a positive and exciting attitude towards math concepts that will last a lifetime. We couldn't be happier to have enrolled our children in this genius program!” ~ Bryce W., parent of Devin and Zaya, grade 4  
  • Zaya Wylde: “Spirit of Math is a great after-school program. It involves a lot of challenging math that's made my math at school a lot easier. All the teachers and students are nice and they make class so much fun! I'm always excited to go and see all my classmates and learn at Spirit of Math.” ~ Zaya W., grade 3 student
  • Ann Gomez: “We have enrolled three of our children in the Spirit of Math program and have enjoyed watching each of them learn so much. Starting our son at grade one has provided him with a great mathematical foundation and the confidence to carry him throughout his academic career. Starting our other children at grades four and five has also given them a tremendous boost. The greatest value has been the boost to their mathematical foundation and confidence. Best of all, the kids seem to really enjoy the classes. They are surrounded by other children who enjoy math and are inspired to dig into the challenges. And finally, the team at the Thornhill location is extremely helpful and accommodating in all situations. We would highly recommend Spirit of Math to other families.” ~ Ann G., parent of Michael, Taylor & Christopher, grades 1, 4 & 5
  • Parina Sharma: “I am currently a Grade 5 student and Spirit of Math has helped me a lot to get ahead in my day school and achieve better grades. With the help of Spirit of Math, I have developed valuable skills needed in a classroom environment such as time management, organization and presentational skills. This program is lot more advanced than what I learn and do in my day school. I have spread the word around to my friends and family letting them know how much I appreciate Spirit of Math, and they are also taking advantage of this program now. Thanks to Spirit of Math, I have become a better student in all aspects.” ~  Parina S., grade 5 student 
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