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WELCOME TO Richmond Hill Central Campus
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Dear Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of the Spirit of Math Richmond Hill Central Team, I would like to welcome all of you to our campus!

Richmond Hill Central is one of largest Spirit of Math campuses. We are located in the central area of Richmond Hill, Ontario and we have been serving the local community for 10 years. Our facility is newly-renovated with spacious classrooms and a large parent area. Most importantly, we have high-performing students who are highly motivated, our teachers are dedicated to constantly inspiring students to strive for excellence, and we have hard-working assistant teachers who are applying their problem solving skills developed over the years through Spirit of Math to the classes that they are assisting. Our enthusiastic admin staff are knowledgeable and welcoming; we have the most supportive parents who put their trust in Spirit of Math and are working with us as a team for the best achievement of their children.

As a parent whose child also graduated from Spirit of Math, I am thrilled about what Spirit of Math has done for my child and many others. I highly recommend you come and visit us, have a tour of our campus, and explore our curriculum to discover what we can do for your high performing child.

Kind Regards,
Wendy Selby
Campus Director, Richmond Hill Central

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Monday – Thursday      12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Friday                                  By Appointment Only

Saturday                           9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


2017-2018 Richmond Hill Class Schedule


NOTE: To accommodate more needs,  the following two OPEN HOUSE dates have been added

September 18, 2017 (5:00-7:00pm)

September 27, 2017  (5:00-7:00pm)

Welcome to Spirit of Math Richmond Hill Central Campus Open House. This is a great opportunity for you to visit our campus and meet our staff members. If you would like to have a drop-in interview, please bring the student along with the most recent day school report card. The minimum requirement of admission is an average of B+. The student interview on the Open House day is on a first-come-first-serve basis, no appointment is necessary. If you would like to book an interview on another day, please send you request to Richmondhill@spiritofmath.com or call our office at 905-884-6284.


From August 14 to August 25, 2017

Summer is fast approaching! Keep your child’s mind bright during this year’s break with Spirit of Math Summer Camps for students in grades 2 to 9. Along with our amazing partners, we are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of camps designed to challenge, engage and thrill students minds while implementing key aspects of our proven Spirit of Math curriculum. Our Summer Camp offerings include refreshers to get your child ready for the new school year, contest preparation, exploration of complex concepts, and so much more fun.

We are thrilled to work with our partners to provide a great selection of supplementary camps in robotics, coding, financial literacy, chess and a wide range of other fascinating programs.

To learn more about our Summer Programs offered at Richmond Hill area, please review the attached Summer Camp Brochure for details.

Spaces are limited. Don’t miss out. Register your child today!

For the summer camps offered nearby, please review more Summer Programs here and here.

Existing Students ―If you are re-registering for the school year, please download and complete the registration form. You can also download a printable class schedule.

New Students ―If you are interested in learning more about Spirit of Math or registering for the first time, please book an interview with the Campus Director via the button below.

What our parents & students say!

  • Parent of Grade 10 student: "My daughter started at Spirit of Math School a few years ago. In the trial class, I soon realized that everything was well organized: topics and schedules were meticulously followed, concepts were explained lucidly in a manner that students could understand, and assignments were deliberately prepared. Accordingly, I discovered that the advanced and in-depth curriculum was designed for each grade and enriched with word problems to improve problem solving skills. After years of commitment, I greatly recognized my daughter’s motivation and confidence on math subjects. She enjoys participating in various math contests, tutoring her classmates and junior students, as well as being an assistant teacher at SMS. Thanks to the dedicated teachers!" ~ Parent of Grade 10 student
  • Grade 6 Student: “My experience at Spirit of Math has been very exciting. Since Grade 1, I knew Spirit of Math was the best place to learn math. Now I am in Grade 6, having fun and learning at the same time. Building onto my edifice of knowledge, I have learned many different and useful methods such as the Gauss formula, relocation property, rationals, and many more. Spirit of Math also encourages us to work together in groups to solve complex problems, share our ideas and help out other classmates. Overall, Spirit of Math is a great place to be because not only are the academics great here, but it is a fun place to learn and make new friends.” ~ Grade 6 student
  • A. T.: "With my eldest daughter at Spirit of Math in Grade 6, I have learned many things about this program. Some aspects include how they always start with their classic drill, cover many different topics, and finally end with their classic mental math. My eldest daughter did not have much interest in math, however once she joined Spirit of Math, I could tell she was definitely enjoying it. She said that Spirit of Math was so much fun, and she wanted to come back every year. Spirit of Math's creative program has changed the whole impression of math from being a tedious subject, to a fun and engaging one. Now, all three of my children are enrolled at Spirit of Math, my younger daughter was in Grade 3 last year and will be coming back for Grade 5, and my son is in Grade 2 this year. Spirit of Math is a great experience for everyone, no matter if they are interested in math or not, everyone will definitely enjoy it." ~ A. T., parent of Grade 2, 4 & 6 students
  • Parent of Grade 2 student: “Spirit of Math is great and amazing! I’ve rarely seen kids so intensely interested in what they learn in class. My daughter is so excited about what she’s learning and loves your fantastic program. I love the way she approaches problems and this doesn’t only apply to math but also in her everyday life. My favourite part of this program is that she has become more of a creative thinker and I love her approach to logically solving math problems." ~ Parent of Grade 2 student