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Ottawa - Kanata Campus - Spirit of Math Schools

WELCOME TO Ottawa – Kanata Campus
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Dear Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of all staff, I welcome you to the Spirit of Math Ottawa Campus. We currently offer classes for grades SK-11 at our locations in Kanata. I am excited and honoured to be working with a growing community of passionate students, engaged parents and dedicated teachers. I believe that our common denominator is the thrill we get from witnessing, week after week, and year after year, the sense of achievement that occurs when young minds overcome challenges that once seemed insurmountable, only to face the next with more confidence and ability – both in mathematics and throughout their daily lives. Spirit of Math has that transformative power like no other educational program I’ve encountered. On behalf of all of us here at the Ottawa Campus, I invite you to share in the pleasure of helping highly motivated students flourish. I wish you and your children an exciting, successful and empowering school year. I am looking forward to be hearing from you.


Jyotsna Pal

Campus Director Ottawa

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Contests 2020-21 – We are pleased to announce that this year we will once again be providing opportunities for our students to participate in external mathematics contests with Spirit of Math.

To register your child for any of the offered contests, please visit  Or go to under the Resources tab you will find “Math Contests”. 

Here is the list of the contests that we offer: 

Spirit of Math International Contest

WMO – World Mathematical Olympiad. Website:  

Caribou Contest. Website:  

AMC – American Mathematics Competitions. Website:

Mathematica. Website:  

CNMLCanadian National Math League. Website:

Office Hours:

Monday and Wednesday: 12.30pm-8pm

Tuesday and Thursday: 1.00pm -8.30pm

Friday: By Appointment only

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We are pleased to announce that our pre-registration 2020-21 starts online from May 4th at 8:00 am onwards via our Parent Portal. Click here to view our campus 2020-21 school year class schedule. Looking for the complete Pre-registration 2010-21 roll-out schedule by region, campus and time? Click here for more information. For more information please contact your Campus Director.

New Students ―If you are interested in learning more about Spirit of Math or registering for the first time, please book an interview with the Campus Director via the button below.

What our parents & students say!

  • Atul Katoch: "Learning math skills early on in life goes a long way in achieving success later in life. Being a successful engineer I firmly believe in this. Spirit of Math is one such program, where I have seen my son develop love for learning math at an early age. Drills, problems of the week and contests provide the edge to improve his skills, not to mention the in-class learning to enforce these skills. I am glad we found Spirit of Math and I am happy to see my son excel at doing math." Atul Katoch, parent of Arnav, grade 4
  • Kalai Sankaralingam: "Spirit of Math has been a wonderful experience for my kids so far. My grade two-er couldn’t even add confidently before he started in September. In the couple of months, he has come to enjoy math. He is fascinated by numbers now and is excited to come to class every week. He does not even mind to miss his hockey game if it falls on the same day. He is passionate about hockey and it is wonderful to see him being passionate about math. This program has improved his focus and independent work. Thanks to Spirit of Math and the teachers for making math fun, exciting and challenging." Kalai Sankaralingam, parent of Nikhil & Rohan, grades 2&5
  • Jasper Nie: "Ever since I joined Spirit of Math, my math skills shot up the scale." Jasper Nie, grade 8 student
  • Neha Erukulla: "Spirit of Math is an innovative way to advance your math skills. My confidence has increased and my time management skills have improved. I am more focused which helps me with my extracurricular activities such as basketball and piano as well." Neha Erukulla, grade 8 student
  • Dr. Mark Rollins: “We feel very fortunate to have discovered the Spirit of Math program. Our daughter Olivia simply loves it! Her math skills have improved dramatically in just one year, and since the curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, reading comprehension, and cooperative teamwork, we see the benefits supporting her other studies as well. Best of all, she has made new friendships with like-minded students and wonderfully supportive teachers in a fun yet focused environment. Based on Olivia's feedback, our son Matthew cannot wait to attend Spirit of Math in Grade 1.” ~ Dr. Mark R., parent of Olivia, grade 3
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