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WELCOME TO North Toronto – Leaside Campus
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Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am excited to welcome each of you to another challenging and rewarding year at Spirit of Math Schools. The Leaside Campus is a new, custom-built campus located in the beautiful facility of the Brentcliffe Building in a close-knit community in North Toronto. The Leaside Campus offers classes for grades 1-10 Monday to Thursday.

After spending many years of teaching in Ontario high schools, I have enjoyed four years of working with many motivating students, supportive parents and caring teachers at SMS. Each year, we are uplifting our students to the global standard of math excellence, cultivating a higher level of confidence and offering challenges to young minds. The success was evident in over 1500 honour roll placements in various international and domestic open math contests last year.

Thanks to the continued support of our parents and students, the Leaside Campus has grown to over 500 students last year. This is a true testament to the value of our program, and we look forward to growing and learning with you together in the future.

Kind Regards,
Rebecca Lee
Campus Director, Leaside

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Pre- Registration for 2018-2019:

Registrations for the 2018-19 academic year continue at Leaside Campus, 109 Vanderhoof Avenue during office hours.

Please see 2018-19 Class Schedule and North Toronto Reg Form for 2018-19 academic year.


Summer Camps

When it comes to making your child’s summer count, a Spirit of Math Summer Camp is a fantastic way to keep them engaged and help prepare them for the upcoming school year!

We are glad to offer the following camps at Leaside. Please click here for online registration.

August 13th – 17th :

Grade 2 – 3 : Basic Skills & Problem Solving I

Grade 4 – 6 : Golden Ratio & Contest Prep

Grade 7 – 9 : Probability

August 20th – 24th :

Grade 2 – 3 : Graphing & Discovering Patterns

Grade 4 – 6 : Basic Skills & Problem Solving II

Afternoon session for both weeks : Coding and Robotics


Registration for 2017 – 2018 :

Existing Students If you are re-registering for the school year, please download and complete the Registration Form. You can also download a printable class schedule.

New Students If you are interested in learning more about Spirit of Math or registering for the first time, please book an interview with the Campus Director via the button below.

Classes are filling up. For more information, please call 647-259-8361

Download : Registration Form

Download : Class Schedule


Spirit of Math students bring home the medal:

Team Canada (Spirit of Math Team) participated in the World Mathematical Olympiads at Beijing, China on August 12, 2017. Gavin An, a Leaside student won the Bronze Medal. Congratulations, Gavin.

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What our parents & students say!

  • Teodor Cotnareanu: "Otherwise an excellent student, at the end of Grade 4, Odette was struggling with math. We felt that we needed to do something for her,so that in grade 5, as math became harder, she would make adequate progress. She needed better guidance and more practice in an organized setting, and more development of her analytical skills. Having seen our son Joseph's success and now being familiar with Spirit of Math, we enrolled her in your school. She was faced with a very steep learning curve at the beginning, but her teacher understood the challenges that Odette faced. Odette connected with her teacher immediately; her kind style, profound empathy, and extremely competent teaching truly motivated Odette. She ended last year with over 90%. We are very happy that this year. Within a year, Odette changed from being a kid who was not sure of herself to being a top student who helps her colleagues and loves to share her knowledge. The self-confidence she gained from seeing that she can succeed in math, where she was previously insecure, spilled over into many other areas of her activity, deeply transforming her into a high achiever in all other subjects. We could not have had these two success stories without Spirit of Math. Two children, very different from each other, needing help in very different ways, benefited enormously from your program. We, just like you, approached your program on the basis of a balanced triangular relation between student, teacher and parent, and it worked!" ~ Teodor C., parent of Odette, grade 6
  • Teodor Cotnareanu: "When Joseph was in grade 5, we noticed that the math he was getting during his regular school classes was not sufficient a challenge for him. We asked his classroom teacher to give him additional math problems, but she flatly refused. During grade 5, I taught him some additional geometry from Euclid's elements at home. I noticed that while he was absorbing the concepts quite well, what we were doing at home was not good enough because there was no opportunity to practice the concepts and there was no peer group. At the beginning of the next school year, we heard about Spirit of Math. Joseph was faced with an extremely steep learning curve. Most, if not all kids in his Spirit of Math class were very far ahead of him, having started in earlier years. However, with adequate support at home and very competent and kind guidance from his teacher, Joseph finished the year with over 90%. Since then, Joseph has become independent. At his regular school he is one of the best students in his year and one of the top students in math. His teachers appreciate him for his willingness to help his colleagues and share his knowledge with them. Today, Joseph would have a hard time imagining how it would be not to go to Spirit of Math. Joseph aspires to be an assistant teacher at your school next year." ~ Teodor C., parent of Joseph, grade 8
  • Elise Yanover: "My daughter has been a Spirit of Math student since Grade 2. The experience and education she receives at this program has blown us away. For a girl to love being called "the human calculator" or "math geek" is a testament to the confidence and skills she has gained through this program. She is talking about pursuing a math/science program in high school and loves the challenging work she receives. The staff at SMS are amazing. They have always been available by phone or email to help out with questions posing problems for my daughter and she is able to use that guidance to answer them. The teachers truly have the students' best interests in mind. My daughter loves going to math class and that alone is an amazing testament to this program!" ~ Elise Y., parent of Jada, grade 7
  • Parent of Yinling: "Although Yinling just started her journey in Spirit of Math, for the first time she expressed a strong interest in math. It's amazing!" ~ Parent of Yinling, grade 3
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