High Park Campus - Spirit of Math Schools

High Park Campus - Spirit of Math Schools

WELCOME TO High Park Campus
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Dear Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of all staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the High Park Campus of Spirit of Math Schools. I feel extremely fortunate to be working with such an exceptional group of high-performing students, supportive families and passionate staff members.

Our dedicated teachers work very hard to not only help students excel at mathematics, but also cultivate life-long learning and social skills, such as logical thinking, collaborative and interpersonal skills. At Spirit of Math, we constantly challenge students, which enables them to perform to levels of excellence. Each new problem solved provides a solid foundation on which children may see themselves succeed and grow. New challenges become exciting and confidence is built as students take risks.

We thank all parents and students who have chosen to include Spirit of Math Schools as a part of their lives, especially those who have been with us for several years. With your support, we will continue to develop the very real gifts and talents of all of our students.

We look forward to working with you and your children. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Imran Hasan

Campus Director, High Park Campus

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Click here to view our campus 2020-2021 school year class schedule.

New Students ―If you are interested in learning more about Spirit of Math or registering for the first time, please book an interview with the Campus Director via this buttonMinimum B+ average required for acceptance.

Please note that our campuses are closed for the month of July for summer break. Registrations will resume on August 1st.

Office Hours:

By appointment

Staggered Entry and Exit
Entry is always via the front lobby door. We request that parents do not enter the building as per Swansea Town Hall rules and do not block traffic by parking in the middle of the road as we live in a residential area. If you arrive late, and you do not see a representative, please call our campus number and someone will escort you (647) 977-9682.

For the exit, please meet us at the parking lot area.

Please refer to the “View Schedule” link to see the staggered entrance schedule.

What our parents & students say!

  • Silvia: "After attending a private school for four years and demonstrating a basic understanding of math, my daughter started at SMS in Grade 5.  At first she could barely do the assignments with the math knowledge she had. With strong encouragement from her SMS teacher, we were amazed and proud of her hard work to learn the lessons and not give up. The teacher provided extra help which gave my daughter confidence that she could do the problems. By the end of the year, she had the highest mark in the class. This directly translated to her day school where she excelled at math. She is now in Grade 11, attending her last year of SMS, working as an SMS Assistant Teacher as well as a math tutor, and math is her best subject in high school.   Not only did SMS give her the confidence to excel at math but to also experience the feeling of accomplishment that is achieved by hard work." Silvia, parent of Matthew - Gr 5, Luke - Gr 9 and Emily - Gr 11
  • Silvia: “Spirit of Math has played an important part in the education of all three of my children. Not only have they learned fundamental math concepts from enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers, but more importantly, it has continually challenged them with difficult math problems. All three write math competitions with great success. SMS introduced topics such as multiplication, fractions and integers at an early age and it was amazing to see my children understand and grasp the concepts so quickly. As they got older, each new math lesson exposed them to challenging problems and taught them to bring together all the problem solving techniques they have learned. The curriculum is very strong and I especially like the repetition in doing math drills and problem solving.  The weekly lessons and homework assignments are very structured, which has allowed them to be responsible for being on top of their homework both for the workload and content.  With SMS, math is a subject I don't have to worry about.” ~ Silvia S., parent of Matthew, Luke and Emily, grades 5, 9 & 11
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