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WELCOME TO Edison Campus
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Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is our pleasure to welcome everyone to another exciting year at the Spirit of Math Edison Campus!

Spirit of Math is an exclusive after-school math enrichment program offering a unique curriculum focusing on problem solving strategies, logic and critical thinking to inspire our students to be the leaders of tomorrow. At the Edison Campus you will find a community of dedicated teachers and parents working closely together with our students and to help our campus grow. Our teachers at Edison Campus have completed a university education program, hold New Jersey state teaching certificates and have successfully gone through our exclusive and extensive Spirit of Math Teacher Training Program. Our students love math and look forward to coming to class each week to learn more. Many of our students compete in several different international math contests and have proudly continued to place on the Honor Roll. 

Puja Jain                     
Campus Director        

Learn more about our Classes, Programs or How to Register



Registration are open now for 2019/2020 School year.
We are happy to announce that we have updated our class schedules and Registration form for 2019/2020.

  • Returning students: April 15th, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm at Neve Shalom, 250 Grove Ave.

If you are re-registering for the school year, please download and complete the registration form. You can also download a printable class schedule

  • New students: Registration opens on April 29th, during class hours at Neve Shalom, 250 Grove Ave., Metuchen 08840

If you are interested in learning more about Spirit of Math or are registering for the first time, please schedule your child’s entrance interview with the Campus Director via “book an interview” button below, email or call 732-983-9960.

Please click on the following links for information:

Download  Class Schedule 2019-20 here
Download Registration Form 2019-20 here


Campus Hours:
Monday from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

What our parents & students say!

  • Divija G.: "I like Spirit of Math because it's challenging and fun. The concepts help me, even in my regular school. It's fun because there's more than one way to solve the problems." ~Divija G., grade 5 student
  • Disha V.: "I like Spirit of Math because it challenges me to think at my best. For example, I learned area models in 4th Grade Spirit of Math and my class at school just had a pretest on it. I passed because Spirit of Math already taught me that. The teachers are also extremely nice. I think Spirit of Math is a great place to improve your math skills."~Disha V., grade 5 student
  • Rohan S.: "I like Spirit of Math because it challenges me and improves my knowledge about math. Spirit of Math is interesting because the problems they teach in each grade are not like school problems. I started Spirit of Math in 2nd Grade and I love it. The most challenging assignment is the Assignment of the Year."~ Rohan S., grade 5 student
  • Gayatri Patil: “Spirit of Math has helped my son understand mathematical concepts easily. Explaining how he arrived at the solution by putting down his entire work process rather than just circling an option has helped him tremendously in clarifying concepts as well as cementing his math fundamentals. He also has challenges such as mental math - doing the entire problem in the head - as well as timed math drills where speed and accuracy are tested. This entire approach of concepts, speed and mental math have really helped his math grades in his day school. Periodic assessments and fun-filled math projects keeps him challenged and entertained! Most importantly, the teachers are patient, cheerful and always ready to help out when necessary. He loves it and we love seeing him ENJOY MATH.” ~ Gayatri P., parent of grade 3 student
  • Urvashi Saigal: “The Spirit of Math program provides a nice supplement of the extra mathematics teachings and principles my child requires to stay engaged. Having a live teacher in the front of the class gives students something to focus on in order to better help them understand the important concepts required within the Spirit of Math program. Not only do the children learn from the problems and drills, but also from each other.” ~ Urvashi S., parent of grade 3 student
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