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Spirit of Math®  is an innovative leader in mathematics education, offering a system of after-school math classes for high-performing and gifted students.

With more than 30 years of success and over 9,000 students filling 40 campuses across Canada, in the USA and in Pakistan, Spirit of Math is changing the equation for math minds around the world, with after-school classes, camps, training for educators, and an expanding series of math workbooks.

Since 1992, our students have been consistently placed on national and international mathematics honour rolls and our alumni have obtained scholarships from some of North America’s top universities.

Recognized by PROFIT 500 magazine for 5 consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018) as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies; CEO and Co-Founder, Kimberley Langen, was named an ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ finalist by EY and is a member of Chatelaine magazine’s W100 list of top female entrepreneurs, 2015. Kim was recently nominated for the 2018 Mompreneur Awards.



“To promote co-operation, inspire confidence, and release the genius
in every child.®

Today there are three main divisions to OUR company’s business:

After schools classes and campuses

Offering a unique curriculum, Spirit of Math operates campuses across North America, teaching bright, gifted, and high performing students in grades K-11 through weekly classes. The approach allows students to deepen and expand their understanding of math in a dynamic classroom setting. In addition, Spirit of Math offers one-week summer day camp programs that explore interesting math concepts, often integrating complementary partner programs such as engineering, robotics, and chess.

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Classes, Camps & Outstanding Results

Spirit of Math produces the successful Releasing the Genius drill book series, “Math Problem of the Day” (mPOD) workbooks, and collections of math contests for use in contest preparation.

These workbooks are suitable for use in the classroom, or at home for after-school or homeschool use. Teacher’s guides are also available.

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Spirit of Math has enjoyed more than a decade of success training teachers at public and private institutions, ranging from the individual school level to entire boards or divisions.

The same successful methods used to train Spirit of Math teachers have been well-received by educators across North America.

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Educator Training & Student Workshops
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