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Drills - iPad Math Aplication

Take the fear out of math! These fast-paced drills will stimulate your mind, create an agile brain and dramatically improve your math skills in as little as 5 minutes a day. Students who have used these drills find their math at school that much easier. "Just 1 drill a day will keep the tutor away." Thousands of people have used these drills to gain fluency and automaticity in their number facts... taking the fear out of math. read more


mPod® - Math Problem of the Day - Levels 1 to 6 NEW!

The mPod® Releasing the Genius® series of Spirit of Math books is intended to provide an initial exposure of mathematics topics that are not seen in schools. These problems are meant to be fun, and at the same time, intend to challenge students’ thinking. The problems in these books are similar to those taught in the Spirit of Math Schools after-school program, although the after-school program is more intensive, covering much more than these problems.

Student Drill Books and Teacher Solution Manuals with DVD Tutorial - Grades 1 to 7

Each book contains an entire year’s worth of drills to help students gain speed and fluency in numeracy in ten minutes or less a day. Short, timed drills and results charts allow students to track their progress, see their improvements and develop a love and excitement for math. The Teacher Solution Manuals contain both comprehensive instructions on how to do each drill type and answers to every drill in the corresponding student book. Each book comes with a training DVD describing how to teach the drills and the pedagogical reasoning behind them. Learn how to get the maximum effectiveness from your Student Drill Books at home or in the classroom

Spirit of Math Contest Book for Grade 1 to 4

This collection of over 600 multiple-choice problems and solutions is an excellent resource for parents and teachers to help kids prepare for math competitions, as enrichment material for gifted students, and as an activity book to keep young minds active. It covers typical types of problems found in international competitions, including problems in numeracy, geometry, logic and more.
Edition 1: 1999 to 2005, Edition 2: 2006 to 2010

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